From the first moment we met Luke Kincaid and heard about his unique brand’s social enterprise story and hand-made products, we were hooked! Eager to do our part to help, we began working with Organic Savanna for their good rather than our profit. Now, alongside helping to spread the word, we’re finding them distribution channels in the UK and across Travel Retail – bringing the magic of the African Savanna closer to home.

If like us you love natural skin care and artisanal candles plus want to do a little good… invest in one of the dreamy hand-made aloe vera based products. After all, who says social responsibility can’t be a treat for all concerned!


From their community farm in Kenya, Organic Savanna harvest indigenous aloe vera plants for use in their all-natural ethical products. 100% of the profits go directly back into the community to sustainably drive impact. They employ local women and fund education for over 1000 children at the Karibu centre.

Founder Luke Kincaid believes that products should not only be made well, but also do good and empower people. In recognition of the outstanding social engagement and community development, Organic Savanna was recently awarded the coveted Eco-Age Brandmark.

The Karibu Centre, outside Thika in central Kenya, is a vibrant and holistic community project for vulnerable kids in Kenya with a unique focus on technology, early education and social enterprise. 42% of Kenyan preschool aged children are not in school because of lack of funds. It is these children that are at the greatest risk of falling behind and being flushed out of the school system, furthering the #povertycycle. Through #education The Karibu Centre is helping to break the cycle of poverty in the Umoja community area.

If you want to learn more about Organic Savanna, please visit their website https://organicsavanna.com/ or follow their instagram @organicsavanna https://www.instagram.com/organicsavanna/?hl=en