7th July 2020

During the last four months, most offices in the entire planet have stayed shut and employees have had to work at home. Nobody could have dreamt about this experiment a year ago. While, lockdowns are slowly easing, not many offices are yet reopening. Will the pandemic change the way we work forever? Would big corporate offices become a thing of the past? Are we witnessing the death of offices?

There are many who miss the social element of engaging with colleagues, and getting out of their houses, but most do not miss the commute or multiple, unnecessary/time consuming meetings or late nights at the office.

Working at home gives you the flexibility to manage your day, and as adults, it feels such a legitimate right which the evolution of technology has made it possible and seamless.  The major benefit of flexible working, in our opinion, is to focus on the work delivered & result versus how much time it took to complete. If the job is done, does it matter how and when?

Many companies would then argue that productivity is higher at the office, yet all of us, in our life, went early to work before everyone else arrived, so we could “get some work done”?

So how brave will Companies be?  Will they ditch the gigantic head offices and associated costs. Should a hub be sufficient to maintain some team cohesion at certain times of the week or the month?

We recognise working from home is not for everyone. But the younger generations brought up on Facebook & Facetime won’t buy into constricted office hours and space therefore,   companies should adapt sooner rather than later.

The social aspect could be easily overcome by organising “real” social events with the purpose to create ties with your colleagues.

But we know that you need to be present if you want to progress in your career.  How do you bring yourself to your peers attention by working from home?  The working from home model is not ideal for everyone and therefore, now is the time for companies to grab the opportunity to reinvent the entire work model once this pandemic is over.

Are you ready for a work revolution?