29th May 2020

Hello?  Is this really the end of May 2020? What happened to the world we use to know? How drastically our life has changed from last March.

As I am writing this, we are enjoying half term, the children are happy and relaxed leaving my husband and I time to focus on our work. I also too it easy this week. We all needed it.

April and May have been a battleground here. Between the kids fighting for the devices, IT emergencies (one computer broke down few days before my son’s online exams) wasted time procrastinating or browsing on social medias mid task, challenging is putting it mildly to what happened to our family.

I was determined after the Easter holiday to manage to get a routine in place to start the new summer term with routines in place to set us up for success and ultimately make us a calmer family.

I truly thought we had all the winning ingredients: a schedule stuck on the fridge, some motivation quotes around the children desks, some sport. Yet, 10 weeks later, we are still working in progress with some good days and some (very) bad days. Lockdown with a pre-teen on online learning is not a joy every day. Luckily, our new puppy, Colette, kept our spirits up with lots of fun and laughter. We got her at 10 weeks, just before lockdown, and she is now 21 weeks.  She has been our lockdown sunshine.

When we had the announcement about schools reopening, we were hopeful, but my children are not in the selected years so we will be home-schooling till the summer. I feel sorry for them as they truly miss their friend. We have to gear up for another half-term of home-schooling then.

Apparently, it takes 21 days to create a new habit, after 90 days, we create a new lifestyle. We have not crossed yet the 90 days so I am still hopeful we will get there in the coming half term.

We started as a hot mess, we are getting better, yet we are still a long way. Our daily schedule saved us. I even managed to get my kids interested in French lessons three times a week. Not that the sweets they earned by answering correctly helped at all.