25th April 2020

Our top 10 tips to staying sane and healthy during lockdown

How easy it is to start Monday mornings with fresh, new resolve to eat healthily, exercise at least three times a week and keep off the wine until Thursday evening?

Pre Covid-19 when our days were busy getting kids off to school, braving the masses on the underground to get to work and having a social life, meant sticking to these well-intentioned plans were easier with less time to fail.  At the very least we were able to get halfway through the week.

At Flores, we certainly are not angelic, but we know we need to keep strong to look after ourselves, plus, maintaining a healthy diet and lifestyle can help strengthen your immune system.

But during these remarkable times with more time on our hands keeping to these plans are much more difficult.  It’s so hard to resist the lure of a chocolate digestive biscuit with a cup of tea, a packet of crisps whilst watching a film on TV and chocolate in the afternoons as an ‘energy’ boost or just because you need it!

So, here is our simple 10-point plan… at no point do we advise giving up chocolate, crisps, wine… life is far too short for that.  But go for moderation and treat yourselves every now and then.


Keep to your 5 a day but make it more fun and colourful.  As we head into summer, fruit and vegetables have so much more flavour so how about a red tomato, yellow pepper, green courgette and orange carrot salad with feta crumbled on top and a lovely herb dressing


Include these three key nutrients in your diet to help support your immune system.   Vitamin A (sweet potato & spinach), Vitamin C (berries, tomatoes & peppers) & zinc (meat, shellfish, dairy & bread) 

3. KEEP HYDRATED…water, water, water (Gin & Wine not included)

4. SLEEP… at least 7 hours

5. SNACK TIME – protein & produce e.g. cheese & apple, yoghurt & berries, nuts & dried fruit or even hummus & carrots!

6 TRY A NEW SKILL – follow many online cook-a-long lessons (see our Instagram posts for recommendations), learn how to play an electric guitar (like my daughter!), or become a DIY professional (like my friend Dawn)

7. CREATE A DAILY SCHEDULE – Try to structure your day i.e. have set times for meals, snacks, a walk/workout.

8. REACH OUT AND CONNECT – to friends and families… organise quiz nights, wine tasting.  Don’t forget neighbours on their own who would appreciate the contact

9.  GET OUTSIDE DAILY – This does wonders for our mental health and also helps with our vitaminD levels.   

10 INDULGE…a glass (or two) of wine, chocolate… you deserve it!