1st May 2020

Looking forward to Life after Lockdown

As we wait patiently for Boris to signal the way out of lockdown, one of the things top of mind for most women (and men) is ‘beauty therapy’.

There are many important aspects of life to look forward to after lockdown, like going back to work, reigniting a business, getting kids back to school but according to Kantar*, who scanned global English language social media conversations around COVID-19, quarantine and coronavirus, what people were most looking forward to, ranking way ahead of eating out, socialising and travel was Beauty Therapy.

How many conversations have we had with friends about the colour of our roots, how long our hair has grown and the state of our nails.  Even men have resorted to buying electric hair clippers online (some companies reporting +200% sales increase) allowing mum’s, sisters etc to cut (or butcher) their hair.

Sales of at home beauty treatments such as eye lash/brow tinting are soaring with many sites sold out.  With no professional hairdresser to keep your locks looking good, customers are flocking to buy DIY colour kits. After stockpiling toilet roll and flour, hair colour is the next must have item from supermarkets.

After many disastrous and possibly successful home treatments we will all be bursting to get back to our local salons.  Dependant on how social distancing will be implemented, hairdressers, salon owners and nail bars can expect booming business after this.

But how will retailers adapt to ensuring customers safety whilst delivering their usual level of service and experience?

Saks Fifth Avenue is already mapping out what its stores will look like post COVID-19, for instance their associates will wear fashionable black masks whilst passing out little bottles of hand sanitizer.  They’re encouraging cosmetics brands to have disposable samples, expand contactless credit card readers and introduce virtual shopping services that connect sales associates to clients in lockdown at home.

In the crazy world of fashion, the face mask could become the new iPhone cases with many designers getting in on the act.  This could become the new next accessory to have.

Nail salons will have a by appointment only schedule, allow limited number of customers in and have guards between them and the nail technician. 

The ultimate goal will be to ensure customers are safe and the staff they interact with, therefore many retailers will ensure regular testing of temperatures on a daily basis.  Communication will be essential to reassure customers. Stores will be cleaned and sanitised, again regularly, and in front of customers.

The good news is that retailers are preparing for our return to their counters and salons and the ones who will show and prove that they put plans in place to respect social distancing and care for the health of their customers and staff are the ones that will prosper.

* https://www.cosmeticsdesign-europe.com/Article/2020/04/16/Beauty-therapy-most-anticipated-consumer-activity-after-coronavirus-finds-Kantar?utm_source=copyright&utm_medium=OnSite&utm_campaign=copyright