21st April 2020

A renewed creativity: a positive side effect from Lockdown

We run our business at home, like many other millions of men and women round the world, so as this was our business model, we were prepared emotionally.   We had our systems in place to work remotely and already actively held many meetings, presented programmes and shared documents via various modes of communication: zoom, teams, what’s app. Etc. .

But, we had to adapt to sharing our house with the rest of our family versus our usual quiet environment. Personally, I used to love coming back from the school run to an empty house, making myself a cup of coffee and get cracking with work.

Like many other businesses, we are impacted by the crisis, we’ve had projects postponed and cancelled.  Yet we operate on a glass half full and remain positive and driven which keeps us looking on the bright side.

These times are when you can be at your most productive, in planning for the future, so we are currently working on new exciting projects for the autumn (or when the crisis is over) and we’re able to complete those un-urgent, but still important, projects that were kept on the bottom of the ‘to do list’

Lori and I love generating new ideas that keep us motivated and excited for the future. We constantly review our wish / nice to have list (eLearning, new projects, this blog..) and allocate time each day to work on these both of which helps to renew our creative vibe.

When Cambridge University was closed because of the plague, Newton was forced to return home. This was the most productive period of his life and the rest is history.

We have no ambition or knowledge to invent revolutionary theories, but we challenged ourselves to plan some downtime in our timetable when we can resource our creative spirit.

So, during this challenging period, we are busy building on the future of our business and upscaling our skills and contacts.

We feel privileged and humbled to be at home, safe,  versus all the brave key workers who have put their health at risk to get the nation through this and we are as excited as everyone for our life to  go back to normal This experience has made us stop, regroup and be more thoughtful about how we run our business, where best to focus and how to use our time in a more productive way.  But key, once this is all over, is how to retain our renewed lockdown creative spirit.