A project we had at heart for a while. It took a global pandemic to help us take the plunge…

R.I.P. Offices?

7th July 2020

During the last four months, most offices in the entire planet have stayed shut and employees have had to work at home. Nobody could have dreamt about this experiment a year ago. While, lockdowns are slowly easing, not many offices are yet reopening. Will the pandemic change the way we work forever? Would big corporate offices become a thing of the past? Are we witnessing the death of offices?

One half term done, one to go

29th May 2020

Hello?  Is this really the end of May 2020? What happened to the world we use to know? How drastically our life has changed from last March.

As I am writing this, we are enjoying half term, the children are happy and relaxed leaving my husband and I time to focus on our work. I also too it easy this week. We all needed it.


4th May 2020


A recent research from M1nd-set shows that 41% of travellers will travel less or not at all in the first 6 months after travel bans are lifted. The main reason being they want to avoid crowded areas to respect social distancing and save money.

A renewed creativity

21st April 2020

A renewed creativity: a positive side effect from Lockdown

We run our business at home, like many other millions of men and women round the world, so as this was our business model, we were prepared emotionally.   We had our systems in place to work remotely and already actively held many meetings, presented programmes and shared documents via various modes of communication: zoom, teams, what’s app. Etc. .

Lockdown top 10 tips

25th April 2020

Our top 10 tips to staying sane and healthy during lockdown

How easy it is to start Monday mornings with fresh, new resolve to eat healthily, exercise at least three times a week and keep off the wine until Thursday evening?